Instagram is, as they say, one hell of a drug.

If you're regularly using the service, then you're no doubt tapped into the not-so-intimate and often too-intimate moments of your friends, your friends' friends, and maybe a few celebrities here and there. But if those are the only people you've been following, then you are sorely missing out.

Know this: Instagram is rife with some of the greatest contemporary artists of the moment, who are pouring their unfiltered (or rather: Instagram-filtered) work onto the social sharing service, free of charge. It's definitely more interesting than your college roommate's food photos, or your cousin's concert pics. It's not always pretty, or perfect, but these artists are giving you—for free—images that are equal parts inspiring and eye-opening, and are almost always exponentially better than whatever you've followed so far. 

They range from filmmakers to painters, sculptors to conceptualists, and everything in between. Following these people on Instagram isn't just a good way to kill time, but a regular opportunity to get a glimpse into the eye of profoundly talented people doing a profoundly everyday thing, better than everyone else who's ever done it before.

These are 50 Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram.

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