The Knicks 116-107 win at the Garden over the Lakers was huge for momentum. The NYK have fed off the new energy in the Garden and Carmelo Anthony is playing to the MVP level that’s been expected of him since Syracuse. It just seems like Anthony, now surrounded by veterans and a team that has bought in to playing together has finally figured out the formula to win: share the ball, trust your teammates, close when they need you. But last night, Anthony let out his inner scoring beast and dropped 22 points in the first quarter. He was 3-for-5 from downtown, 10-15 on the game.

The main features of his signature Melo M8 Advance were on full display. There wasn’t a spot on the court he wasn’t comfortable attacking. The combination of nubuck and FlyWire on the upper allows him to make moves to the basket under a secure fit, while the traction patterns allowed him to stop on a dime or turn the corner on defenders for scores at the basket. It was just one of those nights where he gave the defense a lesson in scoring. Even after he got hurt, there wasn’t enough LA could do to get over the huge lead he helped build. The Lakers are in trouble, but the Knicks are clicking like a championship team.

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