Late Wednesday night, Eddie Murphy—a man who is, let's remember, a comedian—tweeted. This by itself is pretty unusual. Murphy's Twitter account is almost entirely retweets—the vast majority, in recent weeks, of praise for his poorly-received new movie Mr. Church

But this tweet was different. As you can see above, Murphy asked, "Coming to America sequel?" and included a picture of actress Vanessa Bell Calloway as Imani Izzi in her iconic gold dress

Other than retweeting pro bowler Shawn Merriman, Murphy gave no indication about whether he was brainstorming, revealing secret plans, musing, or simply trolling. But no matter what he was doing, Murphy got pretty much everyone's attention. A sampling of reactions, below.

Many people, of course, were thrilled at the possibility of a sequel to the 1988 classic that still inspires intense devotion.

However, not everyone was feeling the idea.

And one person realized the conceit might not work so well in Trump's America.