KFC’s Double Down is arguably the greatest culinary invention of the 21st century—a bacon sandwich where instead of bread, the bun was made out of fried chicken.

Well now, the Colonel has upped his game considerably. The Double Down Dog takes the Double Down approach and applies to the humble hot dog. Yup, it’s a hot dog sausage wrapped in fried chicken. Using two chicken breasts as the top and bottom of a sandwich makes (kind of) sense, but molding fried chicken into a hot dog bun must require something really, really unnatural. And magical.

Before you rush out, it’s only available in the Philippines at the moment. And even then, each branch is only selling 50 Double Down Dogs per day. We don’t know if that’s a promotional gimmick, or a health restriction, but it’s probably good idea.

Think the promo photo looks good? Here’s what it actually looks like: