Hot Mom USA boss Shiftee was already renowned globally for his astonishing abilities behind the decks before he founded E.A.S.Y. with Enferno (see his mixes with Elijah). Now, the two are quickly earning a reputation for super-fun, super-technical electronic music. As the pair told us, "we wanted to get both chill and hype, mellow and crazy. The track features laid back moments with boom bap drums and intimate melodies but then morphs into a full on hands-in-the-air emoji experience with ecstatic synths and driving kicks." That's no mean feat either. "Like That" is one of those versatile tracks you could play at almost any moment in a party. Those chilled boom bap moments the pair talk about quickly erupt into a vast, cinematic melody, only for that to break down into a hypnotic heavy bass work-out. There's a lot to love here, whether you're drenched in sweat at the club or simply listening to it at home through an expensive set of speakers.