When Kelela's collaboration with Arca, "A Message", was released earlier this year, it stormed the playlists of every music critic and fan and found its way into pretty much every "Best of 2015 so far..." feature on the web. It was hardly surprising; "A Message" tapped into a sound and feeling that many artists had been trying to articulate for a while. It also came with a stunning video that merged surreal video effects with dreamy animation. Since then, the video has been taken on by Videopunks' who have released their remix in tandem with We Are Temporary's reworking of the audio.

We Are Temporary and Videopunks bring a glitched-out, druggy feel to their respective mediums. The video is warped and mutilated into a dizzying visual maelstrom that's as unsettling as it is engrossing. Similarly, the actual song is drawn out and muddied into a track hints at the transitional state between waking and sleeping, coming together for an almost nightmarish trip. Watch the remix video exclusively above, and listen to the We Are Temporary edit below.