When Damon C. Scott speaks, the deep timbre of his voice resonates a richness which quickly but quietly captures and then commands your attention. And when he engages his heart with soul, and then sings—time stands still. Damon has been singing in subways for most of his life, and with little financial reward. Son of Earth Wind and Fire artist, Sherry Scott, he was the lead vocalist on Storm Queen's "Look Right Through Me" single, which briefly put his talent under the spotlight, in 2013, when Marc Kinchen's remix took it straight to No. 1. Although he was only commissioned, effectively, to sing the lyrics and then leave, Damon's moment of international success was short-lived and understandably bitter sweet.

Now, his time has come again, this time in the form of a short documentary produced by humanist filmmaker, Emily Sheskin. Telling the enduring story of one ordinary man's hardships in real-time perspective, the short allows the audience access to the kind of good man we pass everyday when going about our busy lives, usually too consumed by our own affairs to take real notice of him. Here, Damon gives us reason to stop, look, listen, and care.

Unhardened by life's struggles, he remains a beautifully positive example of what it takes to never become a victim in life and never give up on kindling hope. Emily explains her motivations for crafting this piece: "The film was a labour of love on my part, and was the least I could do to pay Damon back for all the times I'd listened to his YouTube videos, or walked by him without giving a donation. I hope it helps establish him as the professional he is, and allows him to live his dream of making music and living a comfortable life."