UK funky: it's a sound that emerged with a description, rather than having a name and a destination. Pushed into the club and radio circuits by the likes of Supa D, Angie B and Pioneer, it wasn't long before it became what everybody was talking about; topics generally based around what it was, loving or loathing, or the simple fact that it was taking over. Once Pioneer landed a show on Kiss FM and Marcus Nasty was crowned ringleader of the scene, there really was no going back. The sound evolved faster than was ever predicted, and with that came no quality control. It was this which then lead to its unfortunate downfall.

But, which tracks have stood the test of time? Which bangers deserved more recognition but were unfairly overlooked? With UK funky looking to make a firm comeback in 2015, its most recognised producers have musically matured, so to produce funky as we knew it in its earlier years (2006-2010) would probably feel backwards. What needs to be remembered is that UK funky was labeled as such by those refusing to recognise it as house music. Now that homegrown producers from the original circuit are making music deemed more acceptable by the masses, did UK funky ever really die out or did it just quietly grow up?

Here are The 20 Best UK Funky Tracks (so far).