SOPHIE's "Lemonade" isn't really PC Music, since it was released on Jackmaster's Numbers label. But for all intents and purposes it basically is, at least aesthetically speaking. As divisive and contentious as anything PC Music ever put out, "Lemonade" is unashamedly silly and hyperactive. This track was the beginning of PC Music's push for legitimacy, before "Hey QT" was released on XL.

Building on this groundwork, A.G. Cook, the collective's glorious leader, would later remix Zinc and How To Dress Well and SOPHIE would play a packed-out set at Rinse's Late @ Tate Britain. So what's next, then? Lil Data on I'm A Celebrity? Hannah Diamond starting her own fashion line? OK, that last one actually sounds cool. But, seriously, god only knows what the future holds for PC Music. James Keith